The latest Call of Duty games have taken the gaming world by storm. Recently, they released Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and combined Warzone with it to have one of the most comprehensive list of Call of Duty weapons ever on one battlefield. We’ll get more into the additional weapons down the line. But first, on to the main event.

In this post, we are going to continue our detailed list of weapons on the Modern Warfare list. This time we are showcasing the shotguns of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Each of these shotguns are very real and we have the inside scoop on all of them so take a look below and learn a thing or two about real-world combat shotguns. Enjoy!

Model 680

Model 680

Remington 870 MCS

The real gun name of the the Model 680 is the Remington Model 870 MCS. The base model Remington 870 is a pump action shotgun that is one of the most used shotguns in history. It was produced in the 1950s and has seen plenty of action with hunters and Law Enforcement alike. MCS stands for Modular Combat Shotgun. These versions of the Remington 870 are designed for combat personnel including military and police units which is why Modern Warfare uses the MCS variant as the base model.

The Remington 870 is chambered in various different cartridges but is primarily chambered in 12 Gauge. The Modular Combat Shotgun is designed for swapping out various barrels, grips, ammo tubes, and stocks. Plus, it has numerous rail positions for attachments. Modern Warfare utilizes all of these to customize this shotgun the way you want.

Model 680 in game

Model 680 in game

As the first shotgun you come across in Modern Warfare, it is one of the most balanced weapons in the game. It is powerful, stable, has decent range one you put certain attachments including the suppressor on it. One shot will usually eliminate an enemy. It is a pump action shotgun so make sure your shot is lined up correctly on your first shot. I had a ton of fun with this weapon until I unlocked others.

Remington 870 Video

The Firearm Guy shows us his modified Remington 870. It doesn’t come with a pistol grip but it certainly does the job. Check out the Remington 870 in action with various types of ammo. The Remington 870 is cheap. If interested, check out the link above to purchase.



Standard Manufacturing DP-12

The real gun name of the R9-0 is the Standard Manufacturing DP-12. The Standard Manufacturing DP-12 is a double barrel pump action shotgun that has two integral magazine tubes. Each tube is designated to one barrel and each hold 7 shells of 12 gauge ammunition. The DP-12 is also a bullpup shotgun which means shells are loaded in the back and reduces the length of the gun significantly. 

The DP-12 is very unique looking and operating. One trigger pull will fire only one shot. The second trigger pull will fire the second barrel. After both are fired, the DP-12 must be pumped to load two more shells – one in each barrel. This shotgun is very effective in close quarters. With the bullpup design reducing length and the increased ammo capacity, the DP-12 is a close quarters powerhouse.

R9-0 in game

R9-0 in game

The R9-0 is my favorite shotgun in Modern Warfare – period. It has the power of the 680 and double the magazine capacity. Plus, you the “double tap” semi-auto feature before the delay with the pump action. The only thing you need to worry about is pellet spread. This can be fixed though with attachments. The ultimate gun on the Shipment map.

DP-12 Video

Hickok45 shows us his DP-12 as he shoots some different ammo in his famous range with the gong. He also goes into detail on the manufacturing of the DP-12 where two companies came together to build a tactical double barrel shotgun. Very good information. Be sure to check it out!



Browning Citori 725

The real gun name of the 725 is the is still the 725. The name has not changed. It is made by the gun manufacturer Browning and the 725 is a model of Browning’s Citori line of over and under shotguns. The Browning Citori 725 is primarily a sporting shotgun today. It is acclaimed to be the “best target shotgun ever built” according to Browning. 

The Browning Citori 725 is chambered in various shotgun gauges but primarily is suited for 12 gauge and 20 gauge as well. The over and under design of the shotgun is a well designed shotgun system made by John Browning to reduce shot gun recoil and maximize accuracy. The long barrels of the 725 also allow for better accuracy and great stability. Since this is a sporting shotgun, it only has room for one shell in each barrel.

725 in game

725 in game

The infamous 725 was initially a beast of a weapon. So good in fact it had numerous nerfs after the release of Modern Warfare. Even after the nerfs, the 725 still hits very hard under the right circumstances. The amazing power of the 725 is a balancing act since it only has two shells before it has to reload. This shotgun has power and range. So if you are an accurate shooter at close to mid range (maybe even a bit more), the 725 will work nicely for you.

725 Video

Learn the history of the Browning Citori 725. The NRA Publications presents us with a nice video on the history of the 725 and why it is Browning has the edge on over and under shotguns. 



Fostech Origin-12

The real gun name of the Origin-12 is the is still the Origin-12. The Origin-12 is made by a company called Fostech Outdoors. The Origin-12 is not fully automatic but is deemed the “fastest shotgun on the planet” because of it’s cyclic rate. You can fire as fast as you want depending on how fast you pull the trigger.

The Origin-12 is gauged in 12 gauge since it is a combat shotgun and is built to be handled like an assault rifle. The manufacturing and operation of the Origin-12 is similar to that of an AK rifle. With large boxed magazines and drum magazines available for the Origin-12, there is no shortage of firepower that the Origin-12 can shoot.

Origin-12 in game

Origin-12 in Game

Clearing spaces has never been easier with the Origin-12. The problem is not gun itself, it’s the ammo capacity. Make sure you upgrade to a much bigger magazine size when you can. Also, the spread on this shotgun is very wide. Get up close and personal as best as you can to be as effective as possible.

Origin-12 Video

The Iraqi Vet shows us the fastest shotgun on the planet by testing it out on his range. From going loud to equipping with a huge suppressor, the Origin-12 never jammed or misfired when he fired as fast as he possibly could. He goes through numerous types of magazines as well. Take a look!

VLK Rogue

VLK Rogue

M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS)

The real name of the VLK Rogue is the M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System or MASS for short. The M26 is not primarily a standalone weapon. It is designed to be an under barrel shotgun accessory for the M16 and the M4 assault rifles. When not attached to a rifle, the M26 can be used on its own with pistol grip and stock.

The M26 is chambered in 12 gauge an is magazine fed with the possibility of 3 to 5 shell magazines. The M26 was designed to be a replacement for the Remington 870 “Masterkey” under barrel attachment in 2003 since the Masterkey was too bulky for soldiers to use in combat effectively. The M26 is lighter, easier to operate, and is able to be used more effectively in tactical combat situations.

VLK Rogue in game

VLK Rogue in Game

For me, the VLK Rogue is the worst shotgun in the game. The accuracy is bad, there is not enough ammo, and the stability is awful. Granted, this changes with additional attachments and the inclusion of the incendiary ammo which literally makes this gun fire. But you have to play with a bad gun to unlock these which is unfortunate. I’d rather just stick with the Origin-12 or the R9-0.

M26 MASS Video

Safe Arms Review does a really good job introducing the M26 and how it works. He goes through every little aspect of the M26 and why it was designed the way it was designed as a suitable replacement for the Masterkey. Really informative video on the M26. Check it out!



Atchisson AA-12

The real name of the JAK-12 is the Atchisson AA-12. The AA-12 is fully automatic combat shotgun with a cyclic rate of 300 rounds a minute. The AA-12 was developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson and has been upgraded and improved over time to suit various military needs since its inception.

As with most other combat shotguns, the AA-12 is chambered in 12 gauge and can fit various magazine sizes including straight box magazines and drum magazines from 8 to 32 rounds. Clearing tight quarters has never been easier.

JAK-12 in game

JAK-12 in Game

If you are not the type of guy who likes shotguns because of the lack of fire rate, here is your answer. Going fully auto around tight quarters is very possible with the JAK-12. The thing is accuracy and the stability trade off for the rapid firepower. Be sure to watch your ammo because it goes quick and get extended magazines upgrades when available.

AA-12 Video

Larry Vickers once again has the scoop on the one of the most sought after shotguns in the world – the AA-12. Him and his guest go into great detail on why the AA-12 is owned by few and why only a few militaries have contracted the AA-12 for use. Great video for your viewing pleasure.

We are winding down on the weapons of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We only have the Marksman Rifles and the Sniper Rifles left to cover. If you are interested in the previous weapons we have in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lineup, feel free to check the Pistols, Assault Rifles, and Submachine Guns on the Modern Warfare list.

As Modern Warfare and Warzone combine with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, we’ll be adding more of the guns from that whole series as they are released. Stay tuned to read the details on those weapons soon.

Remember – Practice Makes Proficient.