As you play Warzone, you might notice that submachine guns take a back seat to the Assault Rifles due to their higher power at longer ranges. Well, we also play multiplayer and they come in handy in close quarters situations. If you play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare standard multiplayer as well, you will know that submachine guns are the weapons to have on small maps and game types like Shipment and Gunfight. 

As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 4 is in full swing, you might notice that every season releases new guns and this season is no exception. This season released a new favorite gun that has been a fan favorite in the gun community. This brings up just how many different guns there are in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. If you want to know the real guns these guns are based from in real life, check no further as we go over the submachine gun list from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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Steyr AUG


Steyr AUG

The real gun name of the AUG is the Steyr AUG. Modern Warfare kept the actual name. Modern Warfare introduces the AUG as a submachine gun, but it is primarily an assault rifle. The Steyr AUG is unofficially the world’s first successful bullpup assault rifle platform. The Steyr AUG was developed in the 1960s and put into service in the Austrian Army in the 1970s as the STG 77.

The Steyr AUG was built modularly to quickly be changed into a different firearm type – hence the submachine gun variant. The standard assault rifle variant is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO but when converted into a submachine gun, it gets chambered to 9x19mm as the game shows.

If you are looking to learn more about bullpup firearms, check out our article on Bullpups.

AUG in game

AUG in game

When Modern Warfare came out, players swore by this gun. The default submachine gun variant is a very accurate, hard-hitting weapon out the gate. It can be upgraded to support more rounds and configured to be the assault rifle version of the AUG. This changes the weapon considerably though so make sure you note the gameplay changes.

Steyr AUG Video

James at TFB TV goes through everything about the Steyr AUG. Bullpups have their place in the firearms community. Do the pros outweigh the cons with everything that the AUG has to offer? Check out the video. He does a great job going over this famous Austrian gun.



FN P90

FN P90

The real gun name of the P90 is the FN P90. Modern Warfare also kept this gun name the same. This futuristic looking submachine gun is also of the bullpup variety. The gun manufacturer Fabrique Nationale started development on the P90 in the late 1980s and started production in 1990 hence the “90” in the name.

The P90 is chambered in 5.7x28mm. This type of ammunition is rare and was supposed to be a replacement for 9mm but never really took off. The ammo is long so it shoots at a very high velocity. Another unique feature is the 50 round magazine and how it get seated and loads on the top of the weapon instead of the bottom like most other submachine guns.

P90 in game

P90 in game

I believe the P90 is one of the best guns in Modern Warfare. It shoots fast, it’s accurate, it has a high magazine capacity at the start, and the recoil is limited even at full-auto. If you are a beginner in Modern Warfare, I highly recommend this submachine gun. I leveled it up so fast.

FN P90 Video

Larry Vickers is at it again featuring one of the most unique submachine guns on the market – the FN P90. He talks with one of the representatives at FN Herstal and explain what the FN P90 is, how it works, and how you can get your hands on a civilian version. He also shows it off classic slo-mo style.




The real gun name of the MP5 is still the MP5. The full name being the HK MP5. If you have been playing first person shooters for a while, you will know the MP5 has been a staple in plenty of shooter games for a long time. The HK MP5 is unofficially know as the “best submachine gun in the world”. Heckler & Koch developed the MP5 in the 1960s with a similar firing design as their HK G3.

The HK MP5 is classically fired in 9mm with standard 30 round magazine but is also chambered in 10mm as well. The HK MP5 set the standard for all other submachine guns to come after it. It has been commonly used by military forces especially special operations for over 50 years. Also, the well known variants, including the MP5SD and the MP5K, are variants that can be configured in the game.

MP5 in game

MP5 in game

The MP5 has been the meta in Call of Duty for a long time. It is probably the most well rounded submachine guns on the list. This continues to be the issue here. The MP5 is a great gun and gets great unlockable attachments so you can configure the MP5 to your liking. It is also possible to make your favorite MP5 variants.

MP5 Video

My man Colion Noir tells his tale on how he thinks the MP5 is the perfect submachine gun and how everyone should have one. He explains how he thinks it is the perfect platform for military and civilian shooters and how dumb the laws are on how hard it is to pick one of these up in the US.




The real gun name of the Uzi is the Uzi. Modern Warfare kept the name the same for this gun also. If there was a true competitor to the MP5 back in the heyday, it would be the Uzi. The Uzi was actually developed before the MP5 and has conflict history as early as the 1950s. It was first widely manufactured by Israel Military Industries and then many other manufacturers around the world. It became the most sold submachine gun between the 1960s and 1980s.

The Uzi has always come with various magazine capacities. The 25 and 32 round 9mm magazines are the most popular. The fire rate on the Uzi is quite low which makes the recoil and accuracy maintainable. Newer Uzis have RIS upgrades to support modern attachments.

Uzi in game

Uzi in Game

The Uzi basically performs exactly how it is described. The lower fire rate does help with stabilizing the gun but since fire rate helps dealing out damage, the Uzi suffers in this aspect. Call of Duty is a fast paced game. Dealing damage quickly is very important. To make up for the damage rate, your accuracy better be spot on.

UZI Video

Check out this overview of the Uzi. No messing around with this one. They go right into action and then the history about this world famous submachine gun. They even do some modifications to increase the fire rate and upgrade the stock.



PP-19 Bizon

The real gun name of the Bizon is the PP-19 Bizon. Modern Warfare also kept the name of this one as well. This submachine gun was made in 1993 by the sons of famous Russian weapon developers of the AK-47 and the SVD Dragunov. What makes the Bizon so unique is the high capacity helical magazine which is a cylindrical drum magazine that follows a spiral path.

The Bizon functions very similarly to the AKS-74 and shares certain parts. The Bizon also was developed to use the standard Russian 9mm – the 9x18mm. With this caliber, the magazine size is 64. It can also be chambered in 9x19mm which makes the magazine size reduced at 53. The Bizon was designed for Close Quarters Battle and is primarily used for clearing buildings by the Russian military and police units.

Bizon in game

Bizon in Game

I consider the Bizon to be a mix between the P90 because of the high capacity and the Uzi because of the lower fire rate. The Bizon is a bit more accurate than the Uzi but less stable on full-auto. With a 64 round magazine, you can’t go wrong taking on multiple targets in close spaces. Takes getting used to but less reloading leaves you less open.

PP-19 Bizon Video

Larry tells us about the history of the PP-19 and how it came about. He breaks it down so you can see the insides and how it operates. He also goes into detail on how to load the magazine. A great video on a lesser known weapon in the US.




The real gun name of the MP7 is the also the MP7. This gun is another weapon Modern Warfare kept the name of. You can consider this the modern day replacement for the MP5. HK designed the MP7 to fulfill needs of the MP5 while reducing size and carrying a cartridge to be able to penetrate light armor.

The 4.6x30mm cartridge was developed by HK to replace the 9mm cartridge to be faster and more penetrable. This one of the only guns that use this type of ammo. The ammo is very similar to the 5.7x28mm that the FN P90 uses which was purposely designed to be in competition with. The MP7 has a high fire rate and option for a high capacity magazine which puts it in direct competition with the FN P90.

MP7 in game

MP7 in Game

The MP7 is fast firing gun. It is also accurate and very mobile since it is so small. The biggest problem is that it takes a while to upgrade to the higher capacity magazine which will make your life better because you lose ammo so fast. Once you get the upgrades you need, you’ll be a wrecking ball at close range.

HK MP7 Video

I love Garand Thumb. He always does the best job going into all the details of the weapon he is covering. Being active military, he has great insight on all the details and fires them quite effectively while making you laugh. The MP7 is no exception. Enjoy the video.




The real gun name of the STRIKER 45 is the LWRC SMG-45. The LWRC SMG-45 is a new submachine gun based on the HK UMP45. It was designed to be better than the HK UMP45. It even uses the UMP magazines. It operates like an AR-15 and the recoil is much less than a UMP because of its short recoil delayed blow-back functionality. Many Call of Duty players will notice that it looks similar to the UMP but this is the upgrade.

The LWRC SMG-45 is chambered in .45 ACP which is very rare because .45 ACP is a heavy caliber to use at full-auto. As stated before, the LWRC SMG-45 uses HK UMP magazines so they carry 25 rounds of .45 ACP. Also with a larger caliber, it can be difficult to have a high fire rate and this is no exception. With having the delayed blow-back, the recoil is minimized significantly so you are able to fire .45 ACP comfortably and effectively.

STRIKER 45 in game

STRIKER 45 in Game

This thing kicks. Sure it has a similar fire rate to the Uzi but when it hits, it hits. Probably the hardest hitting out of all the submachine guns in the game. If you are not fond of lower fire rate guns, this is probably not for you. If you like hard hitting guns especially in close quarters, I recommend trying the STRIKER 45 and leveling it up to get all the attachments. 

LWRC SMG-45 Video

What happens when you combine an AR-15 lower, a delayed blowback system, UMP45 magazines, all in a lightweight package? Well, you get the LWRC SMG-45. See what makes this gun unique and better than its similar cousin – the HK UMP45.



KRISS Vector

The real gun name of the Fennec is the KRISS Vector. The KRISS Vector has been a modern favorite in the gun community due to its crazy fire rate and unique compact look to it. It was designed in 2006 and then started production in 2009. The fire rate on the Vector is what makes this submachine gun stand out from others. The MP5 hovers around 800 rpm. The Vector fires in full-auto from 1200 to 1500 rpm. That is almost double the fire rate! The Vector can spit through ammo faster than you can reload.

The KRISS Vector is versatile and can be chambered in a variety of ammunition types. 9x19mm, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9×21mm, 10mm Auto, .357 SIG, 22 LR are all suitable ammo types that the Vector can be outfitted with. What also makes this gun very unique is how it handles recoil. The barrel is lines up with the trigger and the bolt slides down when you fire instead of back flying backwards. These two features work together to minimize the recoil. With the fire rate being so high, shooting upwards is almost guaranteed. With these recoil dampening features, they work in tandem to reduce the recoil to almost nothing.

Fennec in game

Fennec in Game

As soon as this season hit, this submachine gun became the new meta. With a crazy fire rate, the Fennec can output damage extremely quick. Just make sure you are close range. The bullets can only do damage if they hit and accuracy is so-so with this weapon. Also, fall damage is killer too so be aware of that. I will tell you though, this gun is probably the most fun out of all the submachine guns to play with! 

KRISS Vector Video

Good ol’ FPSRussia here demonstrates the KRISS Vector is full form. Fully auto, in burst, and in single, it doesn’t matter. The KRISS Vector is an amazing weapon to see and shoot. Watch FPSRussian a couple of different variants of the Vector and different ammo types as well.

Season Four of Call of Duty: Modern Ware as brought along some surprises along with new operators and new maps as well. Use these submachine gun in the smaller maps to really gain an advantage around those close quarters.

There are many more real guns to learn about from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lineup. We’ll be back to cover the rest of them including Light Machine Guns, Pistols, Marksmanship and Sniper Rifles. We might even throw in the Launchers as well so stay tuned. If you want to see our past post about the Assault Rifles, check that out here.

Remember – Practice Makes Proficient.