As a fan of Star Wars you might have noticed some of the guns look a bit familiar. Apparently, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, they used versions of different guns from Earth and developed them with laser capabilities. Or did we develop our guns based from this galaxy far, far away. The world may never know.

Of course, I am just messing around. Back in the mid 1970s, George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, used a number older yet popular guns with modifications from previous wars as weapon props for the movie series. You will notice that most of the real weapons used were used in WWII. Lucas had a wide range of different modifications he made to all of the guns to make them seem different and relatable to the Star Wars.

No worries, we are going to cover the weapons of the Original Trilogy, the Prequels, and The Mandolorian series. Lets check out the most seen weapons of Star Wars.

E-11 Blaster Rifle

Stormtrooper E11

The E-11 Blaster is is the standard for Imperial Stormtroopers during the days of the Empire. You can see them being used by almost every standard stormtrooper unless that stormtrooper had a special unique purpose. The E-11 is multipurpose blaster that was used on most Imperial ground missions due to it’s versatility in close and longer range engagements. This light blaster had a couple of settings including lethal and stun. 

You cannot blame the inaccurate shooting on this weapon since Luke, Leia, and Han had no issue hit their targets. Regular stormtroopers are just bad shots in general. Many rebels and rebel supporters took these weapons from fallen stormtroopers and used it against them. Due to this, it’s one of the most commonly used light rifles in the Star Wars galaxy.

L2A3 Sterling SMG

This British sub-machine gun was a cheap but reliable sub-machine gun designed to replace the Sten in World World II. It became a standard in the British Army until the mid 1990s and replaced with the SA80 family of assault rifles. The looks of the Sterling are very basic. It was a great contender for the standard stormtrooper rifle because it could be modded easy and it was cheap.

Sterling Overview

Check out how the Sterling looked and fired in real life. It fires 9x19mm ammo at a somewhat low fire rate at 500 rounds a minute. It was a very low maintenance gun to shoot and to get ammo for since it was in 9mm. Only 3 countries really adopted the Sterling SMG as a mainstay in their army: UK, Canada, India.

Han Solo DL-44 Blaster

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Ah, the smuggler’s weapon of choice – that is, the smuggler Han Solo‘s weapon of choice. The DL-44 is like the .44 Magnum of the Star Wars world. It’s full of power. You will usually never see Han Solo without it. One close range shot from this bad boy and it’s “lights out”. The DL-44 was a great sidearm during the reign of the Empire because it could penetrate stormtrooper armor easily.

With Han’s personal DL-44, he had his modified with with a scope to help take long range shots. With this modification, scouting out enemy terrain to plan his smuggling runs (or destroying Imperial probe droids) was also a bonus feature.

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Mauser C96

The ultimate Great War icon. This German semi-auto pistol was introduced in 1896 and came to be known simply as “the Mauser”. What made it iconic was the odd broom like handle. It has a 10 round internal magazine which, if you were lucky, had some stripper clips which made the reload a bit more tolerable instead of loading one round at a time.

Mauser C96 Overview

One of my favorite YouTubers, Hickok45, shows us exactly how the Mauser fires and in different configurations. He also gives us a bit of additional history on the weapon. The Mauser was famous for shooting 2 different types of ammo. The first being 7.63x25mm and the other being the more common ammo type of today, 9x19mm. Hickok45 shows how to fire this in 7.63x25mm – a specialty.

Rebel A295 Blaster Rifle

Rebel A295 Rifle

A lot of rebel weapons get overlooked because we don’t see much of them throughout the original trilogy. The A295 (pictured) and the slight variation A280 rebel rifles were common weapons for both The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi. You can see this rifle in the hands of rebels on Hoth and Endor respectively. Compare this to the E11 as the standard rifles for Rebel troopers.

These rifles were a more appropriate rifle for real warriors. Since the Rebel Alliance was outnumbered in comparison to the Empire, it was necessary to outfit the soldiers with the best gear possible to even the odds with the strength of the Empire in battle. You can see that this rifle has a bit more tech than many Imperial weapons. The rebels relied on quality over quantity. In the hands of a trained soldier, this weapon is as deadly as it looks.

Sturmgewehr 44

The German word “Sturmgewehr” literally means “Storm Rifle” or more commonly known today as “Assault Rifle”. The Sturmgewehr 44 (Stg 44 for short) is the worlds first successful assault rifle. Conceived late during the Second World War, this gun was the precursor to the world’s most famous gun – the AK-47.  You can see where George Lucas made plenty of modifications to get the A295 look. The A280 was based off of the AR-15.

Sturmgewehr 44 Overview

See why the Stg 44 became a popular rifle style. Learn about the way it was built and it’s firing functions. The Germans made a very sought after gun of WWII. You can see where many of the modern attributes of the modern assault rifle comes from. The magazine, the stock, the front sight all are still commonly used designs.

Naboo Blaster

Naboo Blaster

I always found this to be a unique weapon. Especially when it came with a grappling ascension gun attached to it. The Naboo S-5 Heavy Blaster is a one of a kind pistol used by the Naboo security forces. You can see them being used in the first of the Star Wars prequel trilogy movie The Phantom Menace.

This was a powerful pistol that was able to stop even the toughest soldiers. This unique looking pistol was more suited for special operations due to the fact that it came equipped with an ascension gun which was able to hold 500 kilograms.

Walther LPM-1 Air Gun

This is one of Walther’s take on the air gun market. An air gun is gun that used pressurized air to shoot pellets or BBs out of it’s barrel. This types of guns are commonly used in shooting competitions like the International Sport Shooting Federation 10 meter air pistol event. This is why the is gun has a unique look like most of the other guns that are designed for these type of competitions. With this unique look, this gun fits right in with the Star Wars lore.

Walther Airgun Overview

No recoil, very little noise, and air powered are all attributes these types of air guns possess. This type of air gun is charged pneumatically meaning the gun is pressurized beforehand and the air is stored inside the gun and then launched through tubes to push out the ammo type when triggered.

DLT-19 Heavy Blaster

DLT19 Heavy Blaster

Now for an upgrade to the standard E11 that the Imperial Stormtroopers use. The DLT-19 Heavy Blaster is a squad automatic weapon that is generally used by Imperial Heavy Stormtroopers to provide fire for higher-end infantry and suppressive fire. Heavy troopers are usually part of full stormtrooper platoon and not a smaller patrol so, if these troopers get called in, they mean business.

The DLT-19 fires at a high fire rate to keep the damage high while keeping a sustained fire on enemy soldiers. Cool down rate is a minimum and the DLT-19 can outfitted with a scope for longer range engagements.



The legendary MG34 (or Maschinengewehr 34) is a German machine gun which first found action in WWII. This one of the first “real” modern machine guns and still one of the highest firing rate machine guns to date. This weapon and it’s updated version (the MG42) caused devastation to the Allies on the Eastern front. Fast, Accurate, and powerful, the MG34 was not only useful for engaging infantry but served a role as Anti-Aircraft Artillery.

MG34 Overview

You will never understand the power of the MG34 until you see it in action. It’s fire rate was high and even higher in the 42. German machine gun nests were infamously despised by Allied infantry because of the quality and efficiency these machine guns were able to display.

Boba Fett’s EE-3

Boba Fett's EE-3

The Bounty Hunter Boba Fett is one of the most feared bounty hunters in the Star Wars galaxy. He uses a EE-3 carbine which is a upgraded modified version of an E-11 that the Imperial Stormtroopers use. Unfortunately for Boba, his EE-3 got sliced when Luke Skywalker chopped it with his lightsaber when Luke and friends were trying to rescue Han Solo from the dreaded Jabba the Hutt.

Overall, an improved weapon over the E-11 without all the moving parts and general clunkiness that the E-11 has. The EE-3 usually doesn’t come with a stock or a scope. Boba had his personally modified to support these attachments for multi-role use.

Webley & Scott № 1 Mk “I” Flare Gun

This is a iconic flare that was produced by the Webley & Scott arms manufacturer in England. These flare guns were used by Commonwealth Military Forces during the First and Second World Wars. Since these guns are shooting a single shot flare, they have a unique look to them with a wide barrel. That is why to do not see an ammo well for a magazine. This Mk 1 has a stock on it which made it even more unique.

Webley & Scott № 1 Mk “III”

Perhaps the most famous version of the Webley & Scott flare guns. The Mk III was a bit more successful from the Mk I due to it’s manufacturing distinctions. The only real thing the Mk III was different from the Mk I was the use of plastic panels instead of wood.

Princess Leia’s Sport Pistols

Princess Leia's Pistol

If you have noticed, Leia was using two different pistol blasters throughout the original trilogy. The one pictured above is the one used in A New Hope called the DDC Defender. It is designated a sporting blaster because it is a light weight blaster design for killing small game and not for full-on battle. Leia wielded this pistol because it was popular among high society socialites.

The pistols Leia had were low-powered so using them as an offensive weapon would be a bad choice. As a concealed weapon, though, these pistols were ideal. It can be broken down and rebuilt quite quickly when needed. The power pack could be changed out quickly as well and had enough power for around 100 shots.


Vostok Margolin .22LR target pistol

The Margolin (also know as the MCM) is a Russian .22LR pistol design to be training pistol. It was made right after WWII and has been used in many shooting competitions since its introduction. This pistol was selected because it was lightweight and fit in the hands of Carrie Fisher well.

MCM Overview

You can see how lightweight this pistol was. With shooting .22LR, control is great and recoil is extremely minimal. This was a prime choice to have to learn about handguns and for fast competition shooting.

BlasTech T-21 Repeating

BlasTech T-21

As an alternate heavy blaster to the DLT-19, the T-21 Repeater was an extremely high damage, low fire-rate blaster design to take out heavy infantry or light armored targets. While capable of firing at full-auto, it was not recommended due to recoil and overheating tendencies the T-21 came to have when firing for long periods of time.

The T-21 was also a low capacity weapon. Due to it’s sheer power, it only had a 25-30 shot capacity. This is why many Imperial Stormtroopers wore generator backpacks to provide additional power to the T-21 so they could sustain continuous fire.


Lewis automatic machine gun

If there was a more official light machine gun before the MG34, it would be this – the Lewis Machine gun. This WWI era weapon was well before it’s time. As the gun it is pretending to be in Star Wars, the Lewis gun is a machine gun but wasn’t designed for high sustained fire. It was a fire and move type of weapon.

Lewis Gun Overview

As old as this gun is, you can still see how well it functions. For the first of its kind, the need for a high capacity full-auto machine gun was great indeed during the first world war. With ammo being fed by a disc fed magazine system, it was easy for one soldier to take this a use it as a self-sustained automatic weapon.

The Mandalorian Pistol

The Mandalorian Pistol

Here is one of the latest entries in the Star Wars franchise. The Mandalorian is a new Star Wars show that takes place right after The Return of the Jedi. The main character uses a new pistol that we have never seen before. The name of this pistol in the Star Wars universe has yet to be unveiled.

It is definitely a combat pistol. Crafted and used by high-end mercenaries to accomplish big tasks. Extremely accurate and deadly in the hands of a great marksmen, this pistol was designed to compliment a warrior and his other weapons.


Bergmann No. 1 (1894)

The Bergmann No. 1 is a prototype of the Bergmann 1896. It is a unique looking semi-auto handgun. The way it looks makes it seem like a gun that is from out of this world. It fits in with the Star Wars universe perfectly. They added some additional props to the gun to make it “space worthy” and it came out great.

Bergmann 1894 Overview

This prototype of the 1986 mass production model has an internal magazine which is able to support 5 rounds of ammunition. The little dip on the right side of the pistol was to open it up so you could get to the magazine and reload it when needed. Definitely take a look at this rare gem in firearms history.

If you haven’t seen Star Wars before, make sure you see the movies. If you have seen the movies, re-watch them and take a special note of the guns used and their prop transformations.

Even if you are not a fan of Star Wars, I am sure you can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making the props for these movies. If you ever get a chance to try any of these guns out, make sure you do. They are all great treasures in firearm history.

Remember – Practice Makes Proficient.