Gun channels on YouTube pump out a lot of great content. I have seen a number of different gun channels feature and really dive in to many different aspects of guns. Most of the really popular channels are very informative and product hi-quality videos. You can tell most of these gun channels really love what they do.

Everyone has their favorite channels. There are plenty of them but I have seen enough different videos from various firearms channels to jot down to get a solid top 5 from. Below, I have listed out my top 5 firearm YouTube channels and go over why they are my favorite gun channels on YouTube.



The “Gun-father” of YouTube. Hickok45 has been producing gun videos on YouTube for over 10 years. He has millions of views on many of his videos and has covered a wide range of weapons. What makes Hickok45 so great is that he tells you the down to earth perspective on every gun he critiques. With Hickok45 at 6’9″, you get a giant’s perspective on firearms but that doesn’t mean that his reviews are not legit. Feel free to check Hickok45 “hit the gong” and “smoke some pot” on his videos

Fully Automatic Reviews

Hickok45 is always pushing the envelope. He has been know to review and test out many different fully auto firearms. This includes plenty of newer and older very recognizable guns from history. Watching Hickok45 shoot his range up of various objects and targets is a wonderful sight in full auto. Make to sure to check out all the full auto videos because seeing full auto firearms in real-life is quite rare as a civilian.

Big, Rare Guns

Hickok45 is also know for testing out and reviewing some of the biggest and most rare guns on the market. Sometimes fans might send him different firearms to try out. Many of these guns are big and rare. Treat yourself to checking out some of the different varieties of guns he tends to come by.

Garand Thumb

Garand Thumb

Garand Thumb is a fun guy. He is an active military soldier that gives an in-depth view on firearms from the performance on the range to the weight of the trigger pull. He likes to break things down with plenty of humor and pop culture references, especially from the 80s. Garand Thumb not only does gun breakdowns but military gear reviews also. So take a good look at Garand Thumbs videos. You’ll learn a lot about what is suitable for military and what is good for home.

Guns you wanted to see

Garand Thumb is constantly putting out videos on guns people want to see. Like the video above shows, the Kriss Vector has been a gun I have always wanted to know more about. Garand Thumb goes into plenty of detail on how the gun performs and his take on the manufacturing. These kind of videos are great for getting to know different types of firearms.

Military Gear Reviews

Some of Garand Thumb’s content also revolves around a military theme since he is in the military so he has done some reviews and tutorials on how to equip the best gear for weapons training and shooting. The best way to get better in whatever you are learning about is to know what things to get to help you in your journey. As a member of the armed services, his knowledge in will help you in getting the right equipment.


Demolition Ranch

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shoot various types of gun at various types of objects and the effects it would have on them? Well, you have come to the right place. Matt from Demolition Ranch has so many videos on many different experiments you could do with guns. The ideas that Matt has come up with on this gun channel are some of the most mind blowing ideas you could ever come up with and actually get filmed. Do yourself a favor and binge watch ALL of Demolition Ranch – the #1 gun channel on YouTube.

Crazy Gun Experiments

Matt at Demolition Ranch has a ton of awesome gun stunt videos like this. You’ll be hard to find a video that doesn’t peak your interest. Some lingering questions you might have asked yourself before about how some guns would react in certain environments will be answered here. I am fascinated on how many gun questions I had were answered just watching the long list of videos. Feel free to start here.

Outrageous Destruction

Yes. This is a tank. Yes. He fires this tank at his truck. It’s crazy things like this that keep me coming back to see what this gun channel is doing next. The funny thing is that this is not the only tank video he has. Plenty of other crazy videos are waiting for your viewing pleasure.

Colin Noir

Colion Noir

Mr. Colion Noir is a gun enthusiast and an NRA member. Also, if you haven’t noticed, he is black. Mr. Noir likes to dive into plenty of political topics around guns and how they pertain to firearm culture in America. Since race and guns have had a particular rocky history, he breaks the mold by covering those topics and shedding valuable knowledge about this history.

You can tell Mr. Noir likes his guns. He takes them out on the range regularly to give a solid review on his latest purchase. Since he is sponsored by the NRA, he has well produced video specials. These specials feature a lot of famous guests that deal with firearms.

Give Mr. Noir a look. It’s well worth your time to learn the things his gun channel has to offer.

Noir Review

Here is an example of a gun review Colion likes to do. Standard pistol with some attachments. The thing about it is that Colion really puts it in perspective for the average gun person. Check out his reviews to get a good feel on a gun so the knowledge gained can guide you in using and buying the firearm you want.

NOIR Specials

Mr. Colion Noir has a special online series called NOIR. Colion Noir has become one of the leading voices for young gun enthusiasts. This show showcases a wide variety of gun topics and special guests. This is a very informative show about modern day firearms and shooting

Forgotten Weapons

Forgotten Weapons

Forgotten Weapons is a channel covering exactly what you think it is. This gun channel has covered so many famous guns and guns that have been…forgotten. History has a long list of firearms used over the past couple of centuries. I really love this channel because Ian really goes into detail about the history and development of the specific weapon he is talking about. If you were ever interested on a specific firearm, this is the place to learn about it.

Firearm History

There is so much background history and facts that might interest you on the creation of some of the most known and unknown firearms in existence. Take this MP5K for example. The MP5K is the short version of the MP5. Did you know there was a suitcase that allowed the MP5K to be seated and fired from inside the case? These are the type of things that you will come to discover from this channel.

Guns You Never Hear about

We see them, we never hear about them. We always hear about the most common weapons on the battlefield. The big guns, the the ones that never really get attention but you have seen them and heard them finally get some love. Check out long lost firearms and the history of their origins.

Be sure to check out all of these YouTube channels. Trust me. you will be there for many hours on end. Lots of good material. Be sure to check out other gun channels too. These were just MY favorites. There are plenty of other gun channels that I did not mention that deserve plenty of credit.

If you are looking for items to help you get started shooting, we have a list here.

Hopefully, you can get more knowledge and learn to shoot better. I know I have learned a lot from these channels. Use what you have learned and get out to the range and practice. Remember – Practice Makes Proficient.